T-shirts with quotes are a favorite around the world. Sarcasm and wry quotes help to soften the language. Present arguments in a sharper, more intelligent way. Injects humor and sarcasm into otherwise boring conversations. It helps to build tolerance for criticism and therefore a stronger personality.

Slogan shirts have been popular since the '60s and have transformed from the beginnings with various political meanings to now being a wardrobe essential for everyone. In this article we'll introduce you to 7 of the most popular slogan tees, keep scrolling!


No One Cares slogan Printed Fashionable Men's T-shirt


What a genius way to express your attitude towards someone who has made a boring statement. Don't consider yourself too important as no one actually cares what you think! Of course, sometimes we still need an expert's opinion, haha!

People Not A Big Fan Sarcasm slogan Men's T-shirt


Sometimes the behavior of some "Particularly Human" really makes us wonder, "Are we really the same species?” This quote works well on a t-shirt, especially for work-out or Halloween costumes. Like it says on the shirt, people... not a big fan.

I‘m Not Printed Men's T-shirt


Have you ever had one of those moments where you're fed up with someone, you're about to snap, and then he or she starts blaming you instead of taking responsibility? This t-shirt clearly illustrates that moment! Say no to all the idiots!


It states everyone's thoughts and perfectly describes any scenario in which an employee does not want to be supervised. Nobody cares, work HARDER!!!

For Those i Love i Will Do Great And Terrible Things t-Shirt


The quote "For Those I Love I Will Do Great And Terrible Things" has its roots in Norse mythology and is the perfect shirt for the proud Viking fan. You'll certainly make Odin proud in this authentic Viking t-shirt!

Hi I Don't Care Thanks Printed Men's t-shirt


Don’t you dare even ask it… the best thing to wear to shut people down, when you just do not feel like doing anything, or be approached by anyone.


Wear this dress to stop people telling you their stories. Everyone has their own nightmares and you don't need to know theirs.

We hope you enjoy the slogan t-shirts collection by Polyalien. See you very soon in our next blog post.